Our DJ's


Todd Buteaux

altTodd Buteaux was born and bred in south Louisiana and yes, his favorite food is gumbo. Todd first arrived in LA in 1993 when he was accepted to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Hollywood, CA. After graduating from the academy, he took on Hollywood to pursue his career in acting. While pursuing acting, he stumbled on another career that came natural to him-DJ and MC. He was hired to host the weekly hit Kinky Karaoke at the Lava Lounge every Sunday. Soon after Sing Sing Entertainment took him on as an MC and DJ in 1999, where he hosted party events that ranged from birthday celebrations to weddings. It wasn’t long before one of the biggest DJ companies in California took him on as one of their own. While working with Feet First, he was able to grow and fine-tune his skills as a DJ and coordinator.


Corey Parker

alt Corey was born in New Orleans and grew up in Atlanta, so he is a true southern gentleman at heart. After getting bit by the acting bug in junior high, Corey realized that he was born to entertain. Like so many southern gentlemen before him, he saddled up his horse and headed out west to LA, where he has made guest appearances in several TV shows as well as a few films. He has also been entertaining as an MC and DJ at numerous weddings, bar mitzvahs, school functions and other social events. His natural charm makes him popular at all of our events!



alt Courtney hails from historical Bakersfield, CA. After obtaining his Biology degree from UCSD, his next move was to L.A. to launch a career in entertainment. Courtney is a busy and sought-after performer, showcasing at numerous venues ranging from the silver screen to the theater stage and of course…Gumbo Entertainment events. Courtney is a seasoned Emcee and DJ, specializing in weddings, bar mitzvahs and notable corporate events.