Birthday Parties


For Birthday parties, let Gumbo Entertainment help you take it to a whole other level! From kids' birthday parties to adults, we will entertain your crowd with interactive games, contests, dancing, and karaoke! Our DJ's will bring non-stop fun from beginning to end! We are the number one interactive DJ company in both LA's!


Games & Dances:

 * Giant Jenga                                 * Casino Dice Game

 * Mummy Wrap                              * Pepsi-Seven Up

 * Bubble Wrap Stomp                      * Chicken Dance

 * Hula Hoop Contest                        * Peanut Butter/Cracker Relay

 * Hula Hoop Relay Contest               * Cup Stacking Competition

 * Musical Chair/Scavenger Hunt        * Cha-Cha Slide

 * Huggy Bear/Numbers Game           * The Hustle

 * Limbo Contest                              * The Wobble

 * Parachute Game                           * Footloose

 * Thriller Dance                               * YMCA

 * Hokey Pokey                                * Dance Contest

 * Karaoke Sing Off                          * And Many Many More!!!